Need Auto Repair now?

Dave’s auto repair of Huntsville is ready to help you with Professionally trained reliable trustworthy local mechanics, who know how to keep your car safe and running well. Call now.

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Looking for a Recommended Automotive Repair Shop close to home?

Dave’s Automotive Repair Shop is conveniently located, Reasonably priced, and highly recommended by your friends and neighbors who love Dave’s service! Please see our Testimonials or call now and ask us for our list of phone references.

Squealing Brakes?

Your family’s safety is riding on your brakes. At Dave’s Automotive Repair Shop we’re experts in diagnosing and repairing your Brake issues. We can take care of your auto repair fast and early to save you money. Call and find out more!

A Lifetime Guarantee? No way!

You bet! Most automotive repair shops will give you a limited 12 month Warranty. Some places won’t give any! Here at Dave’s Auto Repair, we can give you a lifetime warrantee on most new parts we install! Of course there are always exceptions and we’ll tell you what they are before we do your work, but when we get a life time warranty on a new part- we pass that on to you. At Dave’s we’re fair and hardworking – just like you!

About Us

Huntsville based Dave’s Auto was founded by mechanic David Scott to better serve the automotive repair needs of his community. With morals grounded in honesty, professionalism, and fairness, the goal of Dave’s auto is to continuously improve the auto repair experience, and as business grows they continue to pursue that goal. With specialized mechanics, a six bay shop, a growing client base, and top of the line tools, Dave’s is quickly becoming the talk of the local automotive repair community.

Mission Statement

We promise to provide convenient, efficient, and affordable service and maintenance every time. We hope to do business in such a way that customers feel compelled to refer their friends and family. We always provide fair, honest, professional, and trustworthy service. With a business model based on competitive pricing and superior customer service. Our goal is to continuously improve the automotive repair experience.